Assault on the Heavens

The Twisted Halls Part 1 (or How I Met Your Dragon)

Our heroes first adventure

Our party had an immediate choice to make when arriving at the Twisted Halls complex, do they go in the left door or the right door? After a small discussion, Bolzen’k pushed open the door on the left. Upon opening the heavy stone doors, he spotted several kobolds in the hallway. The party burst through the doors ready to fight. They quickly dispatched one of the kobolds, and as it was falling to the ground the other kobold ran from the party and around the corner at the end of the hallway. Akta and Earayu quickly took off after the kobold, but as they rounded the corner it was not to be seen. What they did see however is a parted curtain at the end of the hall, but there also stood several more kobolds in their way.

These new kobolds like the previous one fell to the party, but little did they know that more kobolds were in adjoining rooms waiting for their chance to strike. And strike they did, unfortunately for this group, Melock and his new friends quickly dispatched all of them. As this final battle was going on, a loud rumble came from the room behind the parted curtain. “GEEEEETTTTTTT OOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTT.” “YOU NEED TO LEAVE, NOW!”

Instead of heeding this advice, curiosity got the better of the group and they went to investigate the source of the voice. To their surprise, laying on a small treasure pile was a young white dragon.



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